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Education programmes in Northern Zealand

With U/NORD’s upper secondary or vocational education programme in a real-world context you are offered a gateway to either an apprenticeship and a job as a skilled worker or a transition into further education.

U/NORD has 670 employees, more than 14,000 students and course participants and a portfolio of education programmes comprising a vocational 10th grade, the upper secondary education programmes HHX, HTX and STX and the commercial and vocational training programmes EUD, EUX, EUV and EUS. We also have centres for course programmes and traineeships as well as reception classes for non-Danish-speaking students. Our education programmes are offered at eight locations in Frederikssund, Helsingør, Hillerød and Lyngby.


The Erasmus programme (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is an EU funded programme that organises student exchanges. Each exchange is designed to enable the student to gain valuable international experience, either by studying part of their degree abroad, or undertaking a work placement (traineeship)

Mission statement

Our values

  • Respect – We respect each other, our surroundings and our mission;
  • Professional pride – We endeavour and strive to improve;
  • Curiosity – We are curious about knowledge, each other and the surrounding world.

 Our vision

  • U/NORD offers general education at a high academic level;
  • U/NORD has a learning environment with room for curiosity and offers a personal and challenging educational experience;
  • U/NORD nurtures its students to become responsible and independent young people equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the labour market of the future;
  • U/NORD has professional and social communities in which students and course participants thrive, are retained and develop;
  • U/NORD is an attractive workplace that is able to attract and retain qualified employees;
  • U/NORD is a key contributor to the development of the Northern Zealand region while maintaining a global perspective;
  • U/NORD contributes to securing a sustainable future.

Quality work

At U/NORD, we continuously focus on quality and development to become even better at what we do. In that way, we ensure high-quality teaching in all our education programmes. To enable us to develop, we regularly evaluate our teaching quality and measure student satisfaction.

Professional standards

Professional standards are key to an educational institution’s performance of its core task: education and teaching. The professional standards of the staff set the bar for the skills acquired by our students and course participants, and the professional standards of our students and course participants are crucial to their ability to succeed in the labour market or their further education.



Innovation is increasingly in demand on the labour market. Therefore, innovation will be a strategic focus area at U/NORD in the years ahead.



The well-being of students, course participants and employees is of paramount importance to an educational institution. If students, course participants and employees do not thrive, they may not realise their full potential at the detriment of student and employee retention, etc.



U/NORD trains and develops the skills of young people and adults to succeed in national and global communities as well as in the labour market of the future. Accordingly, as an educational institution, U/NORD has a specific responsibility for driving the sustainability agenda. It is our responsibility to equip the future labour force with the knowledge and skills needed to work with sustainability in the public and private sectors.

HHX studenterhue

An international school

At U/NORD we aim to impart an international perspective to our education programmes. Students at all our education programmes are therefore offered a wide range of possibilities for going abroad.


Students at our upper secondary education programmes are offered to go on study tours and the possibility of going on exchange visits with our partner schools in Germany, while students at our international education programmes are given the opportunity to attend language courses in Edinburgh and Bristol. U/NORD is accredited to grant the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma (EBBD) to HHX students who have completed education programmes in selected subjects taught in English and who have had long-term stays abroad. U/NORD also collaborates with Experience America on special study tours to Seattle where students at our international education programmes attend classes at Washington State University for one month.


Internships abroad as well as the EU’s Erasmus programme (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) and exchange programmes are available to students from our upper secondary and vocational education programmes.

Extra-curricular activities


MasterClass is an option for students seeking further challenges. MasterClass in Hillerød collaborates closely with the business network C4 in Northern Zealand as well as with the IT University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School where students have ample opportunity to seek inspiration for their further studies. A key focus area of the MasterClass is to visit small, medium-sized and multinational enterprises where the students are given the opportunity to work with case-based problems and to perform real-life tasks for the business sector and gain inspiration.

Eliteidræt på U/NORD

Elite sports

Students at U/NORD can combine elite sports with their studies if they are enrolled under an elite athlete agreement with a sports club or with TEAM Danmark. U/NORD operates the Lyngby Sportscollege and collaborates with the Fortunkollegiet where students can be accommodated while attending school.

School management

Management at U/NORD

U/NORD’s management team is made up of the Headmaster and the Vice Principal. They have the decision-making authority and are responsible for running the institution.


Strategic management

Below the management team we have a strategic management team. In addition to the members of the management team, the strategic management team consists of the senior managers responsible for U/NORD’s education programmes and staff functions. The strategic management team has the decision-making authority across the institution and is responsible for coordinating the horizontal management.

The next management level is made up of managers with day-to-day responsibility for specific areas.

Tag en studentereksamen på Hillerød Handelsgymnasium

Student democracy

Student council

Members of the student council are given the opportunity to represent the students when decisions are to be made at the institution. The student council also organises parties, student cafés, gambling nights and other social events.


Student ambassador

Student ambassadors represent the school and participate in information meetings and fairs together with the student counsellors. Typically, this task is undertaken by MasterClass students as it is one of the assignments on their programme.